Shoots combining the playful character of pinup with the sensual intimacy of boudoir to create images which straddle the border of art and erotica, exploring the eroticism of everyday life.


Records and Wine

Although I have already done one variation on this theme, I think there’s a lot more potential to explore here. The series is intended to explore the sensual nature of leisure: the feeling of escape and freedom upon having come home from work or other duties and turned one’s attention to oneself.



Jeffrey Groves

Hipster Chic

Leggings as pants, plaid shirts, lace-backed tops, big glasses, messy hair.  Suits that are a hair too small.  Beards.  Tattoos.  Scarves.  The idea is to explore the potential eroticism of the hipster image.

This project comes with a playlist.



Blue Jeans and Bourbon

Models dressed in blue jeans and little else drinking bourbon.  Big boots.  Vests.  Denim jackets.   Thematically similar to Records and Wine, but a little more bare-bones: concrete settings, where possible, starker lighting, and a bit more confrontational.

This project comes with a playlist.

Mad Science

Lab coats and goggles and beakers of mysterious and colorful liquids.  Cackling and dancing and mad camp.

Under the Hood

Model working on a car engine. Clearly uncomfortably warm, the model disrobes before the camera.