Portraiture may be an obvious way to explore issues of identity, but it’s also a potentially powerful one.  These diverse portrait projects each explore identity from a different angle.

Jeffrey Groves Hippies, Pagans, and Queers

For most of my life I have identified with and surrounded myself with people best described as hippies, pagans, and queers. Those three groups have a great deal in common, but what interests me here is a shared interest in costume: some of us can be spotted from a mile away, others are carefully discreet with our counterculture associations, but in any instance the choices are carefully made. For this project, I am asking self-identified members of those communities–hippies, pagans, and queers–to show me and allow me to document the ways in which they use costume to express their identities. When they have desired that I do so, I have also included a personal statement from each of the subjects.

Gandalf Style

Glamor photography exploring the image of the modern witch and wizard.  Suits and horns.  High heels and wands.  Swords, chalices, and wands.  Combining tumblresque "witchcraft aesthetic" with glam portraiture to show off the magical personas we hold in our heads, this project contrasts with the Hippies, Pagans, and Queers project in that it explores self-image rather than outward presentation.

Many Faces

Inspired by another artist’s series of self portraits exploring different costumes and people’s reactions to them, I want too explore the different ways my friends comport themselves, and the ways those costumes make them feel.



Mirrors are powerful tools, and even more powerful symbols.  I'm looking to work with models and mirrors to create intimate, raw, and vulnerable explore the expression and distortion of identity that comes with reflections.

This project comes with a playlist.


Artists at Work

Process fascinates me, particularly the process of making art that I don’t know how to make. Let me photograph your process, please.

Neo-Hellenistic Punk

In my spare time I like to design costumes based on the traditional clothing of ancient Greece and Rome.  Some of these designs are historically accurate.  Some of them are punk rock.  Included here because it doesn't fit anywhere else.