There are a lot of projects I'm working on, and I'm always looking for models of every size, shape, color, and gender expression.  I am particularly interested in working with people whose body types and identities are not often well-treated by photographers.  Below are links to brief descriptions of some of the projects on my to-do list.

Portrait Projects

Portraiture may be an obvious way to explore issues of identity, but it’s also a potentially powerful one.  These diverse portrait projects each explore identity from a different angle.

Myth and Ritual

Photo stories about pagan gods, occult rituals and mysterious powers, ranging from traditional to modern.

Pinup and Boudoir

Shoots combining the playful character of pinup with the sensual intimacy of boudoir to create images which straddle the border of art and erotica, exploring the eroticism of everyday life.

Glamour and Art Nudes

Glamor and art nude photography emphasizing technical precision and dramatic styles and lighting.

Seasonal Shoots

Covering the full gamut of material described above, these projects revolve around the seasons and holidays that they are meant to embrace and express.