Halloween / Samhain

Black, red, and orange.  Incense and candles and jack-o-lanterns.  Deep shadows.  Bones and blades.  Embracing all things dark, macabre, occult, goth, and spooky, it's the season of the witch!


Earth tones with red and orange accents.  Turning leaves and overcast skies.  Scarves and sweaters and steaming mugs.  Blankets and camp fires.  Embracing the beauty of fall and the sensuality of home.


High contrast.  Dark figures under bare branches.  Silhouettes and bonfires.  The death and rebirth of the year and the Sun.


Heavy scarves and knit stockings.  Cocoa by the fireplace.

New Years

Bright lights and tiaras.  Tall bubbling glasses.  Decadence.  Under and over dressed.